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"It's so beautiful here, she says // This moment now, this moment now."


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blow job pantsたん
14 June
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  • Tel-Aviv University - Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv district / Mehoz Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Blich - Ramat Gan, Center district / Mehoz HaMerkaz, Israel (2002 - 2005)
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❝liron❞ israeli, ♀, twenty one, small, fair-skinned, gamer❤, cosplayer, easily excitable, spaz, enjoys sewing, emotional, loves 嵐 more than delicious cake, is sometimes very danger!。

嵐/嵐, video games, internet jokes, ohno's abs, fahrenheit, final fantasy, clamp, asian boybands, je, slayers, tactics, sho being a motherfucking trainee。

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『this journal is 』▬ I'm a blunt, straight-forward sort of person who likes to bitch at things that require bitching-at。 I'm also not one for locking posts unless their specific content is probably going to be hurtful of another person or situation。 Other than that I lock personal things that interest absolutely no one and such。 If you'd like to be friends just drop me a comment here; I'd love to friend you back!

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aiba/jun, akira ishida, arashi, arashi/arashi, asian boybands, ball breaking eyebrows, bullying ciircee into fic, chikubi dial, clamp, fahrenheit, final fantasy ix, hana kimi, hana yori dango, harry potter, johnny's entertainment, kazunari of the ohno's, leader's nose picking fetish, making funny faces, minivans for breakfast, ninoninonino, ohmiya sk, ohno's abs, ohno's nose, ohno/cooking mama, pink, satoshi of the ninomiya's, sho the fucking trainee, shuuji to akira, slayers, super secret ass ninjas, tactics, the gay rainbow boyband, tokyo babylon, very very danger!, video games, why jennifer?!, 大宮sk,

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