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RE: still_ciircee

Dearest still_ciircee, I love you forever.

When I get a better job in a couple of months, I am going to save up until I have enough to come over to your place and snuggle you for all eternity.
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we'll let it pass outside the door

RE: Ciircee wrote me a fic!

Which can be found here , dsjfshdmfsnjs she somehow managed to incorperate my absolutely favorite Shakespeare poem into it AND IT MADE SENSE kfklsjdlk incoherent love confession ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Also: last week before everything went haywire with my dad (who's okay by now, bless Matsujun) we had our annual Anime Convention - Harucon - in which the lovely milkshake and I cosplayed together and even managed to win 3rd place for Best Couple Cosplay. w00t for us! this is all I qualify for after not cosplaying properly for 3 years, murr. Anyway, here are some pictures for anyone interested; more of which can be found in my facebook (add me! ♥) /*shameless plug*


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I also spoke to my beloved still_ciircee and decolorize on Saturday night for the first time via IM and I'm still all tingly from the sheer awesome. ♥ ♥
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When bad things happen, they happen in.

My dad had a mild CVA today. He's always had a small heart issue but it's never bothered him that much. He's rather young (54 this year) and mostly leads a healthy lifestyle, so this came as such a shock to us. He's in the hospital now, staying overnight for observation. Sis and I were sent back home after being there for several hours since he's feeling better and there's really nothing that we can do for him at this point.

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we'll let it pass outside the door

Shukudai-kun 22.02.10 partial translation + retarded commentry

So I just figured why exactly I'm so sad about Shukudai-kun being canceled in favor of yet-another prime-time show: Arashi's love for the program always strikes me as being so different from their love for their other shows. They just... look so happy, you know? what with SK being a late night talk-show, the boys can pretty much talk about everything they want to and it'll be totally fine yes, even about the infamous apartment complex wives, god bless those pervs ♥


Oh, and Ogu-san. :((((((


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ksfjklsdf How the hell did this post turn from 'my thoughts about the latest SK into a full blown translation?? seriously, if this is what aatash does everyday, I salute her like CRAZY. It was so f*ing long o_______x
we'll let it pass outside the door

Not exactly the back-to-fandom post I was looking for, but-

I've put up an sales post on arashi_on's fundraising post for the victims on the Haiti earthquake.

I'll be offering full scanlations of various doujinshies, mainly Arashi, as in: scans + translation + editing (but, again, as I've zero skills in editing - if you feel like volunteering to do this instead of me, please do!)

My thread on arashi_on: click me!
My thread on help_haiti: click me too!

I'm offering 2 slots for both February and March since right now I'm going into exam period and won't have anytime for anything else besides studying. If this is still okay with any of you guys, please be bidding as I'm putting up on auction some seriously amazing Hisaya Nakajo Arashi DJ's (she does mostly Sho x Ohno, bless her heart, but there are 2-3 fabulous Aiba x Nino ones~).

If you feel like bidding after all this, please go to the post above (or click here) and bid away!

Please advertise this in your own journals if possible!

For pictures of the available DJs, please click on Collapse )